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August and September 2021 are Dental Month!

Because our dental month has proven to be so popular, we have decided to run Dental Month 2021 for the rest of August and all of September!

Enjoy free dental checks and a massive saving on dental scale and polishes during these months, plus if our surgery spots for August and September are fully booked we will extend the discount on the dental scale and polishes to October*. This means:

Cat grade 1 Scale and Polish - $50 (normally $99)

Cat grade 2 or higher Scale and Polish - $75 (normally $125)

Dog grade 1 Scale and Polish - $99 (normally $159)

Dog grade 2 or higher Scale and Polish -  $149 (normally $219)


There will also be lots of dental goodies to give away, special discounts on our dental foods, plus every dental month procedure will go into a draw to win a free large bottle of Oxyfresh anti-plaque water additive as well as a bag of Hills T/D, with Oravet chews for two runners up.


Doggy breath may be a great topic for jokes, but it is no laughing matter :-(

Dental disease is the most common disease of adult cats and dogs and can be a major contributor to poor health and pain. What's worse, it is often a silent disease, ocurring without you noticing. Even in severe cases, cats and dogs may not show pain and their survival instinct will cause them to keep eating, whilst the pain they experience is equivalent to us having bleeding gums, exposed nerves and root infections. And all you may notice is bad breath!          


Have your pet's teeth checked for free during dental month. Keep your pets happy, healthy and pain-free!



 * If free dental consult and/or procedure was booked during Aug/Sept